Het Goudsche Huys

'Het Goudsche Huys', a 17th century listed national monument, is situated on one of the most beautiful canals within the historical centre of the city of Gouda. The canal house dates from 1602 and has been enlarged during the Dutch Golden age. The façade has been redone in the first part of the 18th century which you can see by the Louis XIV consoles that carry the cornice with the year 1738 in ancient Roman numerals. Its entrance in marble with a length of 20 meters is marked with arcades.

'Het Goudsche Huys' is a small scale establishment that offers its guests a unique experience for a comfortable stay in a characteristic place. And the personal touch, initiated by its hosts, is in harmony with the style and remarquable surroundings of this city with its rich history.

'Het Goudsche Huys' is ideally situated in the historical centre of Gouda: easy to access from the southern entrance and only a few meters away from the central Market square (de Markt) and its numerous restaurants, grand cafés, shops and activities. From 'Het Goudsche Huys' you can visit the historical centre, the characteristic listed monumental 'Oude Stadhuys' (old city hall), the famous cheese market and its museums. At the end of the street you can find the 'Sint Janskerk' (St John's Church), the longest church of The Netherlands (123 meters) with the world famous 16th century stained glass ('Goudse glazen').



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